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On behalf of the City of Gatineau, I wish to welcome all the participants of this 3rd
edition of the Gatineau Salsafair.

Gatineau is proud to welcome the world elite of salsa, as well as the many Latin dance enthusiasts
from here and elsewhere. Offering very high caliber performances and workshops of all kinds with
renowned professionals, this international congress has become a must on the cultural scene of

I wish to thank and congratulate the organizers, the sponsors, the artists and volunteers who take
a hand in making this event come true. Thanks to their work, Gatineau has become a destination of
choice on the world circuit of salsa. In addition, they contribute to further advancing this art
form for the people of Gatineau, who are more likely to practice Latin dance.

I hope each and everyone will thoroughly enjoy themselves throughout the 3rd Gatineau Salsafair.
Take time to discover Gatineau and its many attractions, along with family or friends.

Enjoy the 3rd edition of the Gatineau Salsafair!


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